Glen Warren

Fortytwo CEO



What is it like being CEO for Fortytwo? 

Fortytwo was the founding enterprise of what grew into a thriving group of companies – the Trillian Group. Because of this and due to my position as CEO for Fortytwo, I feel a large sense of responsibility towards building upon the success that the company has achieved so far. I’m 100% committed to furthering our presence in the messaging field and making sure we remain our clients’ preferred partner for their global communication requirements.

On a daily basis, I keep myself updated with the latest market developments and trends and since the telecom’s industry is exceptionally dynamic, what’s news today might be old tomorrow (if not sooner)! This is what makes working in telecoms both exciting and challenging. It’s tough to plan ahead in a continually changing environment and that’s why we’ve got to be agile enough to shift focus if the need arises.

I’m responsible for the strategic growth and overall co-ordination of Fortytwo whilst ensuring that we stick to the flat organisational structure enjoyed by all Trillian subsidiaries. Apart from this I’m keen on instilling a sense of teamwork and collaboration between the company’s different departments so that we can work better together and continue delivering the best service to our clients.