Kevin Panzavecchia



What is it like being Chief Technology Officer? 

As Chief Technology Officer for HAUD, my team and I are responsible for the development of technology driven systems that will eventually be packaged and productised as new services offered by HAUD. We’re also responsible for the operations and maintenance of these systems, to ensure correct functionality and that performance criteria are met.

New challenges arise on a daily basis, so no two days are ever alike, but with my team’s support we are able to rectify any issues in a timely manner.  Apart from being efficient, more importantly, being innovative is central to HAUD’s technology department, not only in the design of our services but also in how we deal with unforeseen situations. We very often find ourselves thinking out of the box to maintain high service levels while sticking to timeframes and budgets.

Although technology is sometimes perceived by some as something automated or robotic, there’s an unpredictable side to it that doesn’t allow for complacency, but which drives innovation! I love the fact that HAUD is not afraid to constantly improve upon its offerings, ensuring we remain at the forefront of today’s evolving technology landscape.