Fortytwo Telecom’s website, refreshed and now available in Russian

Fortytwo Telecom, a subsidiary of FORTYTWO Group,  has recently launched a revamped version of its website which reflects the fresh direction the company is taking with regards to its corporate image and product offerings.

Designed with the end-user in mind, visitors to the site may easily find all the information they need about Fortytwo Telecom and its product portfolio. The website is also available in Russian.

Today, Fortytwo Telecom offers its clients:

Cloud Messaging Platform – the use of one of its SMSCs as if it were owned by the customer, allowing them to embark on offering wholesale, bulk SMS services to a vast range of potential  clients.

International Messaging Gateway – an A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging system capable of transmitting large amounts of SMS traffic, allowing users to keep in touch with their customers directly through their mobile phones, wherever they may be around the globe.

Number Validation Services – a suite of services which cut costs when connecting to billions of geographically spread subscribers by facilitating network identification and real-time subscriber availability, making SMS campaigns more effective from both a cost and marketing perspective.

The website contains both new content about the above three products as well as downloadable material for easier accessibility. The website can be accessed at