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FORTYTWO Group reorganises management team

Since 2001, FORTYTWO Group has grown from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings as 42 IT System HB in Sweden, today the Group has extended its presence to the UK, Singapore and is headquartered in Malta.

Over the years, the Group has diversified its portfolio of services, ranging from telecommunications, marketing and corporate services, and believes that innovation is fundamental to both its past and continued success.

In support of this belief, FORTYTWO Group has recently undergone a reorganisation designed to allow the Group’s co-founders, Erik Angelow, the Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Johan Persson, the Group’s Chief Innovation Officer, more time to focus on transforming innovative ideas into business opportunities that address the needs of the future.

For this reason Erik and Johan have handed over the daily running of the Group operation to Claire Cassar as Chief Commercial Officer, handling the commercial function for the Group and supported by Elken Calleja as Head of Marketing and Desiree Bone as Chief Commercial Operations for one of its subsidiaries, Fortytwo Telecom. Simon Harvey heads the finance area in his capacity as Chief Financial Officer, supported by Theresa Caruana Saydon as Head of Finance. Kevin Panzavecchia heads the technology area as Chief Technology Officer, Rachel Pool heads the human resources function as Head of Human Resources and Denitza Dimitrova heads the legal team as Head of Legal.

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