FORTYTWO Group Sponsors the 2014 Actavis LifeCycle Challenge

This year’s Actavis LifeCycle Challenge will take a brave group of cyclists, to Japan, where they will cycle a staggering 2000 km from Fukuoka to Tokyo in just 10 days.

Founded in 1999 by Alan Curry, the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation is committed to creating awareness and offering support to patients suffering from end stage renal disease. Since then it has collected millions of Euros which have mainly gone towards equipment, services and research.

Every year, the LifeCycle team endures gruelling conditions as they cycle long distances in a short period of time with the aim of raising awareness about the quality of life of renal patients in Malta. Apart from this, the cyclists undergo an intense training schedule in preparation for this event that happens every September.

FORTYTWO Group is supporting this initiative by donating €1000 to the LifeCycle Challenge. Erik Angelöw, CEO of FORTYTWO Group said that, “the Group is keen to give back to the community and after learning about LifeCycle’s great work and achievements we are pleased to be a part of this worthy cause”.

Elken Calleja, Group Head of Marketing reinforced the CEO’s message by stating “as well as contributing to the community, the Group also admires the passion and dedication that the cyclists bring to the challenge in their effort to improve the lives of renal patients on the island”.

Readers may donate or read more about LifeCycle by accessing their website at