FORTYTWO Group supports Right2Smile mission

Employees from FORTYTWO Group have recently supported one of their own and the organisation Right 2 Smile in its voluntary work mission held in Kenya. One of FORTYTWO Group’s employees, Anthony Meilak, participated in this mission. FORTYTWO’s employees collected a sum of money to support this initiative which the company then doubled to the final amount of €800.

“I am really satisfied with the outcome of this initiative. This truly reflects the spirit and values which we as a GROUP embrace and I am glad that our group of employees, even though small in number, are big in terms of their generosity”, said Erik Angelow founder and CEO of FORTYTWO Group.

The mission in Kenya is an all-round experience in the Maasai reserve where one gets a unique insight into the daily life of Kenya’s Maasai community.  “These are hardworking people that don’t want help, they just want the opportuniy! And it is made very clear when you witness their efforts first hand with minimum resources”, explained Anthony Meilak, FORTYTWO Group employee and one of the participants in this mission.

These funds were used for various projects over six weeks.The projects were targeted at improving the lives of the children and their community. The aim was to improve water accessibility for the community and to improve the school facilities in Maasai Land. For more info