FORTYTWO Group supports The Children in Need Foundation

FORTYTWO Group supports The Children in Need Foundation

FORTYTWO Group has learnt of the newly set-up Children in Need Foundation, and the incredible work being done by Daniel Abela in his capacity as the founder and Chairman of this NGO. For this reason it has decided to donate funds towards this good cause in order to encourage the betterment of children’s lives.

The first projects that the foundation will be embarking upon are three, two of which are being embarked upon in conjunction with Puttinu and Inspire, respectively. With Puttinu, the Children in Need Foundation shall continue to send families with seriously sick children on a paid-for holiday to EuroDisney, in order to give them the chance to spend quality time together away from hospitals, treatments and heartbreaking moments.

In the case of Inspire, the Foundation shall support the building of a Learning Centre for children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism.

The third project will be to help individuals that require assistance to improve the quality of life of children, whereby the Foundation will scrutinize individual applications for support until approval is obtained from the board of administrators of the same Foundation.

“Such an initiative reflects the spirit and values which we as a GROUP embrace and we are more than happy to be part of such a good cause” said Erik Angelow founder and CEO of FORTYTWO Group.

The Children in Need Foundation is a charitable organisation specifically set up to raise funds and provide for acts of charitable giving and to use the same funds for the support of the physical, mental, social, or educational needs of children who are at a disadvantage due to health (whether physical or mental), or financial reasons with a view to improving their quality of life.

FORTYTWO Group ( is an organization born in Sweden which has relocated its headquarters to Malta in 2011. It has a number of subsidiary companies working in the sphere of electronic communications and corporate services. It operates from its offices in Malta, Singapore, Sweden and UK. FORTYTWO Group has very strong values amongst which passion, integrity, engagement and collaboration and it is these values, which have spurred it to donate money towards this worthy cause.