FORTYTWO revamps its online appearance

FORTYTWO Group decided to overhaul its brand image and online presence through the creation of a new website which is more representative of the Group’s values, vision and strategy.

FORTYTWO chose to collaborate with ICON on this project and true to its dynamic spirit it launched the new website in record time.

This new website is intended to be an interactive online presence through which the Group can communicate its dynamic spirit and ideas which are constantly seeking to break new ground in the fields of telecommunications and IT but which also seek to venture into other industries and sectors.

The site, located at, represents the energetic nature of the company. FORTYTWO started out in 2001. Encouraged by the success of the original telecommunications company, the two founders are seeking to venture into other industries in the very near future. As such FORTYTWO Group acts as an umbrella, uniting different companies by way of a consistent value system in which its corporate culture is deeply routed.

“We are excited and pleased about our fresh online presence. We are confident that it will serve us well as a platform through which to interact with career seekers, innovators and idea contributors. We see this site also as a launching pad through which we can shout about our activities and growth within the FORTYTWO Group “ remarks Erik Angelöw, CEO of FORTYTWO.

Through this new online venture, FORTYTWO Group anticipates that it will become more accessible as well as continue to garner results based on the values of passion, integrity and quality, collaboration, innovation and diversity.