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Trillian Group CIO
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What is it like being Chief Innovation Officer?

In today’s business climate, competition is fierce and in order to have continued success, we have to be on the look-out for innovation in all the services and products we currently offer and in the projects we decide to undertake in the future.

I took on the CIO role in January 2014, so right now, the role is still very new to me! That being said, I’m excited about this change, seeing that I was the Group CTO from 2001 until 2013.

Over the years as CTO, I grew accustomed to thinking on my feet and reacting to unpredictable situations. The CIO role differs greatly from this, as I now dedicate my time and energy to researching ideas and ways to turn these ideas into business opportunities for the Group.

Fortunately the dynamic team at Trillian Group are never short on new ideas and their input is a huge source of motivation and inspiration. Brainstorming with key team members and reading the latest industry news are essential for nurturing worthwhile ideas. I also find that it’s crucial to understand upcoming trends and consumer habits to be in a position to identify future areas of business growth.

Worthwhile ideas go through a process of research and development that transforms them into products or services that the Group can monetize. A lot of time, energy and hard work are invested into the process that turns ideas into reality.

It’s challenging to describe a day in my role, as each day is unique. The nature of the role has very little restrictions and potentially limitless outcomes and I’m enjoying this sense of freedom immensely.

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