• Diversity


Complete Variety.

Inclusive Culture.

Trillian is a lively and rich tapestry of diverse people working harmoniously towards the same goals. Here, everyone is different, and everybody is welcomed. In fact, diversity is celebrated as one of our defining traits.

Everybody in the company is valued for who they are, and for the unique insights they bring to the group.

With offices in two countries in two continents, we come together every day, finding common ground with each other that unites us within the Trillian experience.

Language & Culture
We are a multi-cultural company with skills and experience that positively impact the Group’s performance. With over 20 languages spoken within Trillian and employees from different nationalities, our multicultural sensitivity gives us an edge and enables us to compete in an increasingly connected world.

We cherish each individual for his/her uniqueness. We don’t expect everyone to be a leader or entrepreneur. Everyone is free to be themselves, whether they are always at the forefront of a new project or a great team player working behind the scenes within their team.

Ideas & Methods
There are many ways to pursue an idea and make it flourish into something successful. Ideas are considered no matter what and where they sprout from. The pivotal aspect is that we seek ways of doing things differently and coming up with products and services which can stand out.

It goes without saying that we abhor all discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, and have strict equality policies that ensure that everyone is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Diversity within the Group is paramount to our business strategy, as we continue to find new avenues for diversification while serving our clients in the best way possible.

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