Erik Angelow

Trillian Group CEO
  • Erik Angelöw
  • Erik Angelöw
  • Erik Angelöw


What is it like being the Chief Executive Officer?

As CEO for Trillian Group, my current focus mainly lies in ensuring that the Group is successful both now and in the future. I am committed to securing the future of the Group, so that we are still thriving in five, ten, fifteen years and more.

I fulfil this aspect of my role by constantly being open to finding new uses for what we currently offer and by being receptive to new areas for future growth and development. I am a firm believer that what influences telecommunications tomorrow, won’t be in today’s news, so being informed about what’s happening now, can help us to predict the needs of the future. In the interim, we will seize the opportunity to develop well-timed products and services to address these needs.

We’ve recently undergone a restructuring and this has granted me more time to spend with the great people that work at Trillian Group. In fact, I meet with the Group’s team members on a daily basis to solve any concerns, give feedback or approvals and share ideas. Only teamwork and the backing of my colleagues can bring the Group’s plans into fruition – no matter how crazy they are sometimes!

Translating my role into a day’s work is challenging, since achieving the Group’s longevity is an ongoing process and one which demands that I wear different hats throughout the day. Innovation, strategy, business development and sales are different aspects of my role that keep me motivated and excited to lead Trillian Group as it continues to evolve.

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