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Trillian Group CEO
  • Erik Angelöw
  • Erik Angelöw
  • Erik Angelöw


The creative minds behind the company are always on the move and working on projects. Below are some insights from Erik Angelöw, Group co-founder and CEO, who is happy to share his take on entrepreneurship, the creative process and the importance of coffee.

1. How did you start off as an entrepreneur and creator?

I love to build ideas and see concepts solidify from a vision to an actual, existing product or company. I believe in being inspired for business by every single situation, seeing a gap and trying to fill it. As a guiding motto, I have always held that everything is possible – the sky is the limit – and failure is definitely not an option. Throughout my career, my philosophy has been that “If you live your life like you did yesterday nothing will change.” In short, if you think you can’t, you won’t!

2. Why did you establish Trillian Group? What is your mission?

Trillian Group was created to collect a plethora of projects and companies under one umbrella. All the companies in the group participate in a dynamic environment to support and help each other grow whilst independently exploring new opportunities in their respective growing industries. Our mission is to enhance our people’s ambitious spirit, and in collaboration with stakeholders, meet our customers’ needs by launching innovative solutions and running them as successful businesses.

3. Mention one achievement that you are most proud of?

I am particularly proud of working with the great team that is Trillian Group. Together, we have created and sustained this venture. The team dynamic is such that every person helps each other to form a group collective that strives toward success, and achieves the goals that we set for ourselves.

4. How do you come up with new ideas? Tell us about your creative process 

I am motivated by exposing myself to diverse environments, meeting new people and understanding how things work. The drive to understand concepts fuels my creative thinking and triggers ideas for new solutions. Upon sharing these ideas with the creative people around me, a mere thought is developed into a fully-fledged plan which the group investment board can take over.

5. Who are are you most inspired by most and why?

I tend to be inspired by people who are doers, that is, people who are ambitious and determined to do the things they talk about. The enthusiasm these types of people have propels me into action.

6. What’s the one thing that you need to do every day?

There are many things that form part of my daily routine! If I had to choose some, I would say drinking coffee, interacting with people that I can bounce ideas off  and using my phone.

7. What are you looking forward to most in the next five years of Trillian?

We are currently aiming to evolve into a leading provider of international (global) quality services in 3 new industries and expanding to other continents. These are exciting times for Trillian and I’m looking forward for the next years of its development.

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